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Watch this video to learn the top 5 facts about clothes moths you should know.




Insects Limited Releases Top 15 Clothes Moth Cities in the USA in 2018

Which cities in the U.S. have the worst clothes moth problems? Here is your answer. For the 2nd year in a row, Insects Limited released a ranking of the top clothes moth cities in the United States. For 2018, the top 2 cities...READ MORE



4 Reasons to Attend the Purdue Pest Management Conference

If a pest management professional made a wish list for an ideal industry conference, the 83rd Purdue Pest Management Conference would check all the boxes on that list. From January 7-9, this year’s conference included...READ MORE


Cigarette Beetle lasioderma serricorne


Case Study - Cigarette Beetle

Implementing pheromone traps into an Integrated Pest Management program can identify valuable information about insect activity, such as the detection of insects, insect species, population trends, and...READ MORE

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