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The Warehouse Beetle, Trogoderma variabile is a destructive pest to stored food goods. The adult beetles are good flyers and are attracted to sex pheromones. The larval stage does the majority of damage to dried food, pet foods and other grain based products. The pointed hairs on the larval shed skins can cause health issues if ingested. Watch this video to see the Warehouse beetle in action.



Warehouse Beetle Infestation Location Protocol

The Warehouse Beetle (T. variabile) is found throughout the Northern Hemisphere and is being closely monitored in Australia. Of the many Trogoderma species, it is most commonly found in...READ MORE



Dave's Soapbox: "It's not the principle, it's money"

As an entrepreneur for almost 40 years, I learned a few basic principles in small business finance. If I may, let me share them with you: Revenue is VANITY, Profit is SANITY. However, Cash is KING!! If a business is healthy, it should be...READ MORE




Food Plant Inspection Instructions and Questions

Look for fine webbing in the racking. If the flashlight notices webbing, this is likely larvae from Indian meal moth/Almond moth. Shiny webbing is new activity. Dull webbing has...READ MORE




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