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This video shows the larval and adult stages of the Warehouse Beetle, Trogoderma variabile
Warehouse Beetle Trogoderma variabile Warehouse Beetle - Trogoderma variabile



Bad Bugs: Warehouse Beetle

If there is an insect that is truly a voracious feeder and a potential health hazard to humans and young animals, the Warehouse beetle falls into that category because of the long list of foods that it attacks. Next to the dreaded quarantine pest, the Khapra beetle, it is the most serious stored product insect pest with respect to health. Imagine an insect that can... READ MORE




Gatekeeper Pest Management


The Gatekeeper Approach - Part 2 of 3

If a shipment is found to contain stored product pests, it should be rejected and sent back to the supplier. If this is impossible, this load should be placed in quarantine inside a truck trailer, a fumigation chamber, or an isolated site in the warehouse. A timely decision is needed regarding treatment and disposal of these products. The maintenance department, clean-up crews, and fork truck operators can be of valuable assistance in stopping pests from... READ MORE


Quotable Quotes   

“Knowledge is the foundation of pest management.”   - Jim Campbell, PhD., USDA entomologist

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