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The All Beetle Trap has been thoughtfully studied and designed to be effective against 20 different common stored-product beetle pests. A detailed explanation of the trap is shown in this video

Gatekeeper Pest Management



The Gatekeeper Approach - Part 3 of 3

An outside Gatekeeper, also known as the ‘corporate quality inspector’, should visit each supplier periodically. Such visits are an important step to show a concern and a priority for ingredients from a quality supplier. If the supplier... READ MORE





Stink Bug



Ewwwwwwww, That Smell …

What would it be like not to have these guys crawling around your windows and soffits in the fall? Well Australians know and they intend to keep it that way. This is the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug. They cluster in the fall looking for... READ MORE


Climate change may harm crops

Changing Climate May Harm Crops

Nothing says fall like taking a bite out of a fresh Honeycrisp apple, handpicked from one of Indiana’s you-pick orchards. But this autumn staple - along with $31.2 billion contribution agriculture provides to the state’s gross domestic product - faces... READ MORE



Quotable Quotes   

“"Technology in the hands of a good (pest management) technician makes things better. Technology in the hands of a poor technician makes things worse." - Dr. Faith Oi, University of Florida

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