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Insects are cold-blooded organisms that regulate their activity according to temperature. This video shows the difference in mobility of a population of flour beetles at room temperature vs 5 minutes under refrigeration and vs 5 minutes in freezing temperatures.



cold vs warm blooded animals

Understanding Cold- and Warm-Blooded Animals

…will help you control them better. Cold blooded animals are not able to regulate internal body temperature; rather they seek out external sources of heat such as an electric motor, a dust collector, or an area near a... READ MORE




PestWorld 2018 - Automated Pest Management

It is impossible not to get wrapped up in the excitement of PestWorld. From the preparation before you leave to the reflection of the of the entire meeting, the whole process has the feeling somewhere between... READ MORE



Changing Climate May Harm Crops

Nothing says fall like taking a bite out of a fresh Honeycrisp apple, handpicked from one of Indiana’s you-pick orchards. But this autumn staple - along with $31.2 billion contribution agriculture provides to the state’s gross domestic product - faces... READ MORE

IWCSPP 2018 - Berlin

12th International Working Conference on Stored Product Protection (IWCSPP)

Beginning on October 7th 2018, Insects Limited attended the 12th International Working Conference on Stored Product Protection (IWCSPP) in Berlin, Germany. IWCSPP is... READ MORE

Quotable Quotes   

“""There is nothing as powerful as a naive dreamer. They don't know that their dream is impossible, which makes it then possible." -Yossi Ghinsberg, Israeli Adventurer at PestWorld 2018