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In this one minute video Tom Mueller shares details about SightTrap and ForesightIPM. This technology is an automated remote pheromone monitoring device that will capture an image of your pheromone traps, automatically identify and count the insects in the trap, and create clean data graphs and charts for review.





Insects live in a world of odors. They use these olfactory cues to direct a variety of complex social behaviors, including courtship, mating, and egg laying. Although pest managers and entomologists have been...READ MORE



William Schoenherr; Pioneer in Pest Management

Let us begin by asking questions: Why pest management? What changes have taken place in the past 40 years? Where and why has there been progress and success? Who has been instrumental in the development of workable pest management programs?.... READ MORE



How Fumigants Kill Insects

It is important for professional pest managers involved in fumigation work to understand how insects are killed by this highly effective treatment technique. In general, fumigants reach the tissues of insects through the of respiration. If an insect is... READ MORE




Insects Limited is proud to announce our next innovation. The SightTrap™ a remote pheromone monitoring device that will automatically record a daily image of your pheromone trap, identify and count the insects in your trap, and cleanly report the information and data to our software called ForesightIPM™.

Visit ForeSightIPM.com for more information

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