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Watch this video to see how carpet beetles and other dermestid beetle larvae seek out dead insects in sticky monitoring traps as a food source.








Dead Insects on Sticky Boards Attract Carpet Beetles

There are a couple of good reasons why a pest management specialist might want to monitor for insects using un-baited sticky boards in storage areas. First, monitoring tells us...READ MORE







Insects Affected by Climate Change

At Insects Limited we have observed that insects are sensitive indicators of climate change. They may be the most sensitive indicator to observe. Whole forests of pine trees in Colorado and Utah are dead because...READ MORE






Ethan Estabrook Joins the Insects Limited Team

Beginning in 2019, Ethan Estabrook will join the Insects Limited team as a Research Associate. Ethan comes to Insects Limited after eight years of work with Insects Limited’s sister company Fumigation Service & Supply, where he was...READ MORE









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