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After over 45 years of working as a stored product entomologist and entrepreneur, David Mueller tells his story about how he built these businesses.This video was recorded on March 20, 2019 as part of a Storyteller Series by Hamilton County (Indiana) Leadership Academy and it’s Executive Director, John Robbins.



Now is the Time to Install Mating Disruption

A female Indian meal moth can lay 400 eggs in her life and can have up to 4 generations per year. That is a potential 1,6000,000,000 Indian meal moths in that year! These disturbing numbers help us realize that...READ MORE


The Reason Why We Start With the Insect First

Since its inception, one of Insects Limited’s company mottos has been to “Start with the Insect” before planning a strategy to eliminate or reduce that pest. The question recently arose asking, “What does that really mean?” Let’s take a moment to break down what that means and why we at Insects Limited and Fumigation Service & Supply use it as our rally cry...READ MORE        


New Leadership Team

For the past two years a new leadership team has been preparing to take the reins of Fumigation Service & Supply, Inc. and Insects Limited, Inc. These two companies were founded by David Mueller in 1981.David Mueller, who retired in December 2018, stated...READ MORE