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Both Webbing Clothes Moths and Casemaking Clothes Moths leave telltale signs of their activity on wool sweaters and carpets. This video identifies those signs to let you know which pest you are dealing with and which pheromone trap may work best.



Identifying Clothes Moth Damage and Frass – Part 1

It has been many months since you wore that favorite red sweater of yours, but now that the cooler temperatures have started to creep in you immediately go to look for it in your closet. As you pull it off the shelf, you notice a....READ MORE




New Product: Freezer Treatment Bags

With the decreased use of chemical moth-proofing (remember moth balls?), the incidence of clothing and rugs damaged by the clothes moth has increased significantly in recent years. Insects Limited regularly advises frustrated and dismayed homeowners that are encountering this pest for the first time or have struggled to...READ MORE




FSS Names Beau Bridwell, ACE as Manager of New Southeastern Region

Fumigation Service & Supply, Inc. is expanding coverage to the South. Introducing our newest region and newest Regional Manager, Beau Bridwell, ACE. We are proud to announce our latest endeavor to expand our coverage area and offer...READ MORE


2019 Food Plant IPM, Fumigation and Decontamination Seminars

FSS is proud to announce our 2019 Food Plant IPM, Fumigation and Decontamination Seminar opportunities. Our long-standing commitment to education continues with the announcement of our...READ MORE