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Keratin is plentiful in nature in the form of hair, fur, feathers, hooves, and horns but only a few select insects can break it down and utilize the protein in it.

Clothes moths and carpet beetles have evolved to be able to break down these proteins for their own benefit. Although these insects are beneficial in nature, they can be a problem for our stored wool, feathers, and fur that we value.

This video, narrated by entomologist Patrick Kelley, will help you understand what makes keratin so difficult to break down and how the insects do this.



Keratin: That's Tough to Chew

When an animal dies outdoors, after about one month, all that is left of the poor creature is a pile of hair, skin, and bones. The reason that these parts remain is the simple fact that Mother Nature has very few participants willing and able to consume these materials. The large amounts of keratin in the....READ MORE


What's Buggin' You - Home Edition

If you think you don’t have insects in your house, you are wrong. Insects Limited’s sub-brand, GreenWay, sells a Window Fly Trap. All you do is peel off a plastic strip and stick it to your window in a non-obvious place in your house. There are no pheromones or attractants. The glue board uses the insect’s....READ MORE


Employee Spotlight: James Feston

President of Insects Limited, Pat Kelley, stated: “James is a perfect fit as our Director of Product Research from multiple standpoints. From an entomology standpoint, his formal training of having received a bachelors and a masters in entomology from Purdue University have paved the way for making him a top stored product pest researcher in the field. From a product design standpoint,....READ MORE