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The Complete Life Cycle of the Warehouse Beetle

The Warehouse Beetle, Trogoderma variabile, causes major damage to food supplies around the world. This video shows the detailed life cycle of this pest from egg to adult.

This glimpse into their biology explains how and why warehouse beetles do the damage that they do.


Insects are Loving this Pandemic

By now, we all have a pretty good idea of how people are responding to COVID-19 pandemic and all that goes with it. We see a lot of fear and a lot of hope, we see the best in people and the worst in people. Let’s briefly consider how insect pests...READ MORE


Insect Spotlight - The Rice Weevil

Rice Weevil (Sitophilus oryzae) can cause major damage to stored products. They feed on barley, corn, sorghum, rice, wheat, and other dried goods. Whole grains with round holes are a typical sign of infestation by emerging adults. Weevil infestations can lead to...READ MORE


Insects Limited Distributing Ant Products

As the weather starts warming up, we are sure you will start to notice an increase of ants both inside and out. Insects Limited now has you covered! Our expanding product line now has a line of indoor and outdoor ant bait stations made with customers like you in mind....READ MORE