Fumigants & Pheromones Digital Newsletter - Issue 153




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Insects Limited prides itself in science-tested and proven pheromone monitoring systems. Our insect colonies allow us to "Start with the Insect" and ask them which attractants and traps that they prefer. We practice the science to perform the art of pest monitoring.


The Art of Science at Insects Limited

We have a saying at Insects Limited. It’s not fancy, wordy, or punny but it really does guide our thinking across the company and is the necessary foundation of our science.“Start with the Insect First” This simple saying, and the fact that the whole company lives it, makes my job as...READ MORE


The Current Technology-Driven IPM Revolution

The stage is set and everything is powered up, plugged in, and reporting for duty online. The account rodent monitoring devices, insect pheromone monitors, my phone, my computer, my security system. and my refrigerator are all connected to the web. Apparently, I need....READ MORE




Hey Buddy, Mind if I Use Your Pheromone?

In the amazing world of nature, several unique species of insects and spiders actually produce or respond to the pheromones of other insects for their own benefit. This intriguing phenomenon has developed over evolutionary time within....READ MORE