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In this video, we discuss, in detail, traits of the Rice and Granary Weevil. These stored product insects are a great indication of a larger issue and we discuss why.



Internal Feeders, External Feeders, and Fabric Feeders

As the world started to settle in to accept the presence of the pandemic and people started to become cautiously active outside of their homes or offices, it was decided that quarter three Insects Limited was going to lighten our load when it came to creating and presenting....READ MORE



Choosing the Best Outdoor Lights to Reduce Insects

Like a moth to a flame, serious insect pest problems can begin with the attraction to our outdoor lighting options. The same lights that we use for safety, security, and convenience can be.....READ MORE


All Pests Are Equal, But Some Pests Are More Equal Than Others

The Green Revolution was well underway by the late 1960s throughout Southeastern Asia. In vitro breakthroughs provoked field trials and drove the inception of agroeconomic policies, which....READ MORE