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In this video, a Giant Ichneumon Wasp, Megarhyssa atrata female penetrates through the trunk of a tree to sting and paralyze the larva of a horntail wood wasp deep below the surface. Her egg will go onto to hatch and consume the wood wasp larva before emerging the following summer as an adult.





Pests of Historic Houses and/or Homes with History

Whether or not you happen to work at a public historic house or you simply live in a house that has a lot of history behind it, chances are you are going to encounter similar pest issues in any older dwelling. Although fine....READ MORE

Remote Monitoring Case Study: Fighting an Uphill Battle with Indian Meal Moth

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Stored Product Insects: Tips and Tricks

Stored product insects follow our food supply all the way from farm-to-fork. In other words, they can be found right on the farm where the crops are grown all the way to the forks at our kitchen table and everywhere in between. A few of those areas include farm storage bins, transport trucks, food processing plants, food distribution warehouses, grocery stores and finally in our own pantries. You can expect them to be in.....READ MORE