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Behavior and Biology of Stored Product Insects

One of three Stored Product Insect Virtual Seminars from Insects Limited. The other two virtual seminars can be viewed in the article below.


Providing Solutions, Not Excuses with Stored Product Insect Virtual Seminars – Presentation Recordings Included

I am willing to bet you have had a conference or two you were planning to attend end up being canceled recently. Personally, I have had five conferences and...READ MORE



SightTrap Remote Pheromone Monitoring Working within a Cave System

In parts of the Midwest, limestone was mined in the late 1800s and early 1900s and this excavation left behind an extensive network of caves. In the 1950’s, investors started finding ways to utilize the abandoned underground space and decided to...READ MORE

James Feston of Insects Limited Earns BCE

James Feston is the Director of Product Research at Insects Limited, Inc. He began working at the company as a lab intern in 2010 helping test and develop insect traps and novel lures. He started in his current role after graduating from Purdue University with a Master of Science in Entomology in 2015. James enjoys...READ MORE

New Ready-to-Use All Beetle Trap from Insects Limited

The All Beetle Ready-To-Use trapping system from Insects Limited, Inc. has an improved design for easy deployment. The no-mess system comes with a pre-loaded pheromone cartridge that simply snaps into the base of the trap for a one-step install. Once the cartridge is in place, it is ready to be placed against the wall on a floor or shelf and it will immediately begin monitoring for pest beetles. The combination of food attractant and pheromone gel that is in the cartridge contains the pheromone for...READ MORE