What Are Pheromones and How Are They Used?

Pheromones are natural compounds (odors) that are created in the body of an insect. Insects use these pheromones to attract other insects of their species to them. It is the primary means of communication for many species of insects.

We have isolated many of these compounds in our laboratory and use them to lure pests into traps.

In 1959, two German scientists suggested in an article in Nature that the name pheromone be coined. This word comes from two Greek words: homan (to carry) and pherin (to excite).

Thousands of Natural Food Stores, Seed Companies, Grocery Stores, Pet Stores, Food Warehouses, Food Processors, Grain Storage and Tobacco Warehouses, and homeowners have used pheromone traps from Insects Limited, Inc. since we were the first to start selling these pheromone systems in 1979.

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