Pheromone Tips

Trapping for Two Insects with the Same Trap

One way to increase the efficiency of your pheromone trapping program is by using two lures in one trap. Keep in mind that this method should only be applied when the two insects have similar habits. You would not want to put a lure for an insect that does not fly into a trap with the lure for an insect that does fly. This would bias your catch results. We commonly use the same trap to monitor for both Indianmeal moth (Plodia interpunctella) and Warehouse beetle(Trogoderma spp.). They both fly and are often found in the same types of locations. By using this method you can significantly reduce the amount of time you spend checking your pheromone traps.

Maximizing Trap Life and Replacing Lures

In order to make sticky traps last longer, clean out the insects after recording the count. This works especially in areas that catch small numbers of insects. Bring a Popsicle stick and a paper towel with you to inspect traps. Use the Popsicle stick to remove the insects, and wipe them on the paper towel. This will allow the extraction of the sticky insects with minimal mess. This also helps make it easier to keep track of counts from one week to the next. When replacing lures in traps that don’t need replaced, it isn’t necessary to pull out the old lures. Just add the new one to the trap. This can enhance the effectiveness of the lures and also helps to keep your hands from getting sticky.


How many traps do I put in each room?

Although there is no exact answer for this question because different product requires different amounts of attention, Generally speaking the traps should be hung at eye level, (On the floor for beetle and clothes moth traps) on a grid pattern of about 10 meters apart from each other. Only hang the traps in the areas that food or clothing is being stored. The more important a product is to you, the higher density of traps you place to monitor it. As an example: If you have an irreplaceable Persian rug you want to protect, you may want to put 1 webbing clothes moth trap in each corner of the room that the rug is in. On the other hand, if you have a standard wool rug, you might place only 1 trap in the same room. It depends on your level of security.

How often traps should be checked for the presence of insects?

Once per week should give you a good indication of any activity.

How far will my traps attract the pests?

Moth traps can attract from up to 100 ft if there is a constant air current across the lure. Most moths are short-lived as adults and have a strong need to reproduce in a short period of time. Most beetle traps will only attract from about 15 ft away. Beetles can live up to 3 years and don't have the urgency to reproduce quickly as do the moths. Beetles such as the flour beetles and saw-toothed grain beetles will be more attracted to food product and find their potential mate in the food.

**Answers to many of these questions can be found in the Pheromone Specification Sheets

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