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In the above video, tiny ants called "Thief Ants" crawl onto an insect monitoring glue board and feed on a wolf spider caught in the trap. Ant baits can prevent ant populations from building up.The unique biology of thief ants helps them exploit the nests of other ants.


Look a Little Bit Closer

The use of sticky blunder traps to monitor for pests has become an integral part of an IPM program. Early detection of destructive insect pests is one of the best ways to prevent damage to those things that we want to protect. Many pest management specialists who regularly check traps are usually quite good at...READ MORE


Insects As Vectors of Disease

In this time of the pandemic, there is much concern about our environment and how it affects our health. The truth of the matter is that although insects do not transmit COVID-19, they always have played a major role as....READ MORE


A SightTrap Update - What We Have Learned

It has not been the easiest endeavor of creating the SightTrap. Until now, we could only hypothetically speak about the insights and information a device like this will provide allowing us and our customers to make timely decisions on stored product insect infestations in food facilities. In this short article, you will get....READ MORE