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This video shows how to identify clothes moth species by their frass.

The frass (excrement) produced by clothes moths allows us to identify whether or not the species is the webbing clothes moth, Tineola bisselliella, or the casemaking clothes moth, Tinea pellionella.



Identifying Clothes Moth Damage and Frass – Part 2

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Bayer RMS Use in the Flour Milling Industry

At two of our weekly milling service accounts, where we have zero tolerance for rodent activity inside the facility, we chose to utilize Bayer’s RMS (Remote Monitoring System). Our initial thought was...READ MORE


SightTrap – Invaluable Weapon to Combat IMM in Seed Industry

While remote rodent monitoring systems have been all the rage in the industry lately, Insect’s Limited, Inc. has quietly been developing the SightTrap. SightTrap is a remote camera-based insect monitoring device utilizing pheromone to attract species specific stored product pests into the trap. Much like traditional diamond shaped pheromone traps, SightTrap uses...READ MORE